Gymboree Play & Learn Classes

Our most popular class! Encourage development through play and learning with our seven-level program designed to support your child’s growth at his or her own individual pace. From sensory stimulation to problem-solving games and storytelling, our classes use play-based activities to stretch the body and mind.

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Gymboree Play & Learn 10-6 months

Explore the senses and support visual and auditory development with tummy time, flashlight play, first songs and more. Includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child’s development.

Gymboree Play & Learn 26-10 months

Learn about cause and effect and build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers. Includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child’s development.

Gymboree Play & Learn 310-16 months

Explore two-way communication. Play environments encourage discovery, balance and coordination as parents learn to understand how their child interacts and communicates with them and the world.

Gymboree Play & Learn 416-22 months

Figure out how the world works and become a competent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences. This class is suitable for infants and toddlers.

Gymboree Play & Learn 522-28 months

Stretch the imagination through creative play to support symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction. This class is suitable for toddlers.

Gymboree Play & Learn 628-36 months

Play both independently and with peers while learning to connect ideas through cooperation and communication. This class is suitable for toddlers.

School Skills3-5 years

Encourage curiosity and build self-confidence in your preschooler through art, science exploration, play and more. Teachers also read children’s books that explore and nurture key social and emotional skills, engage in activities that require cooperation and self-awareness, and encourage communication with peers.
This school skills class includes both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal and social skills your preschool child will need for a successful transition into school.

Family Gymboree Play & Learn3-5 years

Explore play environments, movement games and parachute activities in this mixed-age class designed to support the physical, social and language development of your children. This class is suitable for children of all ages.