AXA 100 Day Baby Bash

AXA celebrates a 100 day baby bash with Gymboree In conjunction with AXA’s 100 day baby bash, Gymboree was invited to celebrate their special day with bubbles and nursery rhymes. We were greeted very warmly upon our arrival as we acknowledge the presence of our audience. The audience gleamed at the sight of our mascot Gymbo and expressed their excitement by prepping their baby’s bolster and blanket. A special line-up of activities was prepared for the 45-minute level 1 Play class which was held at the AXA office in Buona Vista. Through our fun parent-child activities such as tummy time, scarf play and parachute activity, the AXA infants were exposed to various sensory plays; and their parents to new stimulating educational activities for their babies.

With a room of attentive audience, they were able to engage in the activities according to the sequence of a Play class, when the benefits were mentioned the parents repeatedly carried out the activities several times and noticed the difference of reactions from their babies. The babies were very responsive as they observed the movement of the parachute as the parents sung our signature song; “Red, Yellow, Green and Blue”.

There were a lot of giggles and laughter from the babies when the parents played a game of peek-a-boo with our colourful parachute. A big round of applause followed shortly after singing our goodbye song. Most of the parents showed a lot of interest and registered their children’s name for a complimentary class pass. With a Gymboree brochure and a class schedule in hand, the parents ask further questions regarding the classes. Babies and parents were even given two complimentary class passes to join our classes and enjoy the full Gymboree experience. Thank you AXA, it was a pleasure serving you and we hope to see your babies again soon!